ICIEMC 2016, May 20-21, Lisbon, Portugal
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Nice to meet you, {{answer_20390991}}. What is the title and the ID of your paper you would like to register for? *

If you are registering for more than one paper, please indicate both, yet note that each paper has to have a valid payment to be presented and included in the proceedings.
What is your type of registration? *

Please check our site ( or contact the organization team at if you are not sure of the registration that applies to you.

{{answer_20390991}}, when will you attend the conference? *

Do you have any special meal requirements?

(e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free aso)

How will you perform the payment?

If you are using bank transfer, please use the bank account posted on our site ( and send us the payment proof to by April 25. Now, please give us the data needed to issue the invoice:

Name of the entity you want the invoice to be issued *

e.g. your university or your employer, if they are paying.
VAT Tax number of the entity you want the invoice to be issued *

e.g. PT504669788
Full address of the entity you want the invoice to be issued *

At minimum: street, number, city, postal code and country, please.
If you pay using Bilheteira online, please make sure you keep the invoice that is issued when performing the payment.

You should enter all data needed for invoice on Bilheteira online - ICIEMC organization cannot alter any detail as payments are processed by an independent entity.

Also, please, send us the payment proof or the ticket, and print the ticket and bring it with you at check-in.

If you are a Laureate author or attendee with no meal payments, please just bring your ID card and proof that you are a member of LIU institutions upon check in. 

See you in Lisbon!

Your answers have been sent to the organization.

Please proceed with the corresponding payment within the deadline and send the payment sheet to before April 25.

Thank you!
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